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Brand New Feature: Ask an Author

Ever had a writing question you didn’t know who to ask? Wondered how to get over your latest case of writer’s block? How to respond to that one comment? Or how to expand your readership? Then look no further than the Klaroline Magazine’s newest feature, Ask an Author!

Think of this as our version of Dear Abby, but with (hopefully) less drama and family issues. Just send an ask to our tumblr, anon or not, or email us at klarolinemag@gmail.com to get started.

You can ask us anything fanfiction related, like how we come up with our latest fic ideas to what tags we use for our posts on tumblr, and our assembled team of actual fanfic authors will answer!

We’re open to helping you with as many writing-related topics as possible, but please be aware even our amazing team has limits. We can’t give you inside info on the next chapter of your favorite fic or beta your story for you, but we will do our best to answer general questions about the entire writing process- from coming up with ideas to receiving comments on posted fics.

So bring us all your questions, just make sure to specify they’re for Ask an Author, and we will do our best to answer them in this new monthly feature!