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Candice King To Appear In The Originals Season 5 Premiere

Klaroliners, are you sitting down? Well you won’t be for long because Candice King (Accola) will be appearing in The Originals Season 5 Premiere! 

TVLine and newly converted Klaroline shipper, Andy Swift, dropped the news early Wednesday morning, and the fandom FREAKED OUT! After all this time, the tweets, the tears, the frustration, and the ridicule, we finally get to give those naysayers a big fat Klaus-style smirk. I’m looking at you, Michael Narducci. Xoxo.

I’m going to let you in on a little secret. A little bird stopped by someone’s inbox months ago saying Candice had agreed to appear on The Originals and, as always, they were right!

TO ended last season with Hope joining The Salvatore School for the Young & Gifted and it looks like they will be picking up with a time jump and Hope as a student there. Will Caroline and Hope be friendly? Has Caroline told Hope all about the naughty things Klaus did back in the day? Well, maybe not all of them, but we certainly think there connection has the potential to bring Caroline deeper into the storyline for the rest of the season.

We don’t have confirmation of a Klaroline scene yet but maybe Comic Con this weekend will reveal more details, either way, this is one is a giant win in my book! We finally got Candice’s butt on that damn show! One episode can certainly lead to more, so be sure you tell Julie & the Network more much you’re loving seeing Caroline on the show! Be loud and proud!

Candice said maybe Twitter will win…and hey, it’s certainly feeling like that!

Do you think Candice will appear in more than 1 episode? Sound off in the comments!