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Caption This February Results



We’re a little late this month (or is it last month?), so you’ll have to forgive us but here comes finally the Caption This! results for February. It’s been so long you’d get a gold star on us if you actually remember what the screencap was, for the rest of us however here’s a reminder:


There were three responses this time around, they were “You brought me cookies?” by Rachel, “Oh, you’re not getting off that easily.” 😉 by SummerGirl6380, and “Come on, Klaus, have at it.” by Zoe V. Thank you to all three of you for participating but now for the results.

With 5 votes (16%), “You brought me cookies?” was third. “Come on, Klaus, have at it.” came second with 12 votes and 38% and that means “Oh, you’re not getting off that easily.” 😉 was our winner with 45% or 14 votes. Congratulations to SummerGirl6380.

That’s it for another month of Caption This! Of course you’ll see us back again later this month with the March edition so nobody combust from anticipation in the meantime.

Written by Tyler. Find her on Tumblr