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Check Out the Klaroline Awards Nominees 2016

Check out the full list of nominees for the Klaroline Awards 2016 as well as links to the work here:


Best Romance Fiction

Best Dark Fiction

Best Fluffy Fiction

Best Angst Fiction

Best Action/Adventure Fiction

Best AU/AH Fiction

Best Comedic Fiction

Best Debut Fiction: 

Best Underrated Fiction

Best Crime/Mystery/Thriller fiction

Most Promising New Fiction

Best OT3 Fiction

Best Foreign Language Fic

Best AU Fiction

Best Canon Fiction

Best Completed Fiction

Best Smut Fiction

Best Original Story Concept



Best Romance Drabble/Oneshot

Best Dark Drabble/Oneshot

Best Fluffy Drabble/Oneshot

Best AU/AH Drabble/Oneshot

Best Angst Drabble/Oneshot

Best Smut Drabble/Oneshot

Best Crack Drabble/Oneshot

Best OT3 Drabble/Oneshot

Best Foreign Language Drabble/Oneshot

Best Short Drabble

Best New Drabble Series



Best Smut Author

Best AU/AH Author

Best Fluff Author

Best Dark Author

Best Comedy Author

Best Klaus Author

Best Caroline Author

Best Overall Author

Best Underrated Author

Most Creative Author

Best Angst Author



Best Graphic Maker

Best Overall Gif-Set Maker

Best AU/AH Gif-set Maker

Best Song/Quotes Gif-set Maker

Best Manip Maker

Best Fan Fiction Poster Maker

Most Underrated Graphic Maker

Most Underrated Gif-set Maker

Most Creative Graphic Maker

Best Comedic Gifset Maker

Most Unique Gifset Maker

Best Canon Gifset Maker

Best AU Gifset Maker

Most Underrated Fanfiction Posters Maker

Best Aesthetic Graphics Maker



Best Overall Video

Best Use of Effects

Best Manips

Best Video Maker

Most Underrated Video

Best Underrated Video Maker

Funniest Video

Best Vine

Best Vine Editor



Best Overall Blog

Best Klaus Blog

Best Caroline Blog

Best Drabble Blog

Most Resourceful Blog

Most Underrated Blog

Best Klaus URL Blog

Best Caroline URL Blog

Best Klaroline URL Blog

Funniest Blog

Nicest Blog

Most Optimistic Blog:

Best Meta Blog   

Best Fandom project:

Best Graphics Blog

Jack of All Trades Awards

Most Dedicated to the Fandom blog

Best New Blog:

Best Live Blogger:



Best  Overall Twitter profile

Funniest/Sassiest Tweeter

Nicest Tweeter

Most Optimistic Twitter Account

Most Underrated Twitter

Most Dedicated Twitter Trender

Most Resourceful Twitter Account

Most Creative Twitter Account

Best Twitter Mutual Relationships

Most Dedicated to the Fandom Twitter Account