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Check Out All the Klaroline Awards Winners 2017

It’s that ole time of the year, where we announce the winners of the Klaroline Awards 2017!

Without further adue:


Best Romance/Fluffy Fiction: Without a Map – LaLainaJ

Best Dark/Angst Fiction: will your mouth still remember the taste of my love – bellamywinchester

Best Debut Fiction: Letters to Hope – Ashleighxx

Best Underrated Fiction: Archangel’s Deathly Love – Recklessnesspersonified

Best Crime/Mystery/Thriller fiction: Some Body That I Used to Know – Angelikah

Most Promising New Fiction: Wild Hearts – Coveredinthecolors

Best Foreign Language Fiction: Entre Reves Et Realite – Klausetcaroline

Best Completed Fiction: Above All Else – 3tinkgemini

Best Smut Fiction: Loving Can Hurt – Captndevil

Best Original Story Concept: Something Wicked – cupcakemolotov



Best Romance/Fluffy Drabble/Oneshot: take a chance on me – lclrgsl

Best Dark/Angst Drabble/Oneshot: Evermore – littlebird14

Best Smut Drabble/Oneshot: Come on Closer – ceruleanblues

Best New Drabble Series: Perhaps One Day – Sophia Chase



Best Smut Author: Jinxed-Wood and coveredinthecolors

Best AU/AH Author: Sophia Chase

Best Fluff Author: gooddame

Best Dark/Angst Author: Lynyrd Lionheart

Best Comedy Author: Uppity Bitch

Best Drabble Author: LaLainaJ

Best Overall Author: cupcakemolotov

Best Underrated Author: Recklessnesspersonified

Most Creative Author: Lynyrd Lionheart



Best Graphic Maker: goldcaught

Best Overall Gif-Set Maker: parallel-outlines

Best AU/AH Gif-set Maker: parallel-outlines

Best Manip Maker: eriberry89

Best Fan Fiction Poster Maker: fanfantasticworld

Most Underrated Graphic Maker: candycolamorgan

Most Underrated Gif-set Maker: joey-prue

Most Creative Graphic Maker: goldcaught

Most Underrated Fanfiction Posters Maker: klarolinessecondbreakfast



Best Overall Video: Klaus & Caroline [Beauty and the Beast Trailer] – xBenQCatx

Best Video Maker: xBenQCatx ‏

Most Underrated Video: Klaus & Caroline | When We Were Young – AussyAngelx


Best Overall Blog: klarolinedrabbles

Most Underrated Blog: gooddame

Best Klaus URL Blog: yoursklaus

Best Caroline URL Blog: livingdeadblondequeen

Best Klaroline URL Blog: niklausxcaroline

Funniest Blog: incorrectklarolinequotes

Nicest Blog: she-walked-away and gooddame

Most Optimistic Blog: klarolinedrabbles

Best Fandom project: Klaroline Gives Back

Jack of All Trades Awards: accidental-rambler

Most Dedicated to the Fandom Blog: klarolinedrabbles

Best New Blog: incorrectklarolinequotes



Best  Overall Twitter profile: @klarolinemag

Funniest/Sassiest Tweeter: @KlausIsHerLast

Nicest Tweeter: @kingscandice

Most Dedicated Twitter Trender: @yoursklaus

Most Resourceful Twitter Account: @klarolinemag

Most Creative Twitter Account: @yoursklaus

Best Twitter Mutual Relationships: @Klarobrekker and @HighfaeNesta

Most Dedicated to the Fandom Twitter Account: @Klaroheart