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Congrats Candice Accola on the TCA win!

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Just a couple of months ago we were congratulating the actor of one half of our favorite couple, Joseph Morgan, on his People’s Choice Award, and now it’s the beautiful Candice Accola’s, who plays the ‘full of light’ Caroline, turn to be congratulated on her Teen Choice Award for Best Scene Stealer.

If there was ever a phrase to describe the character of Caroline Forbes (except ‘flawless’ of course) it would be ‘scene stealer’. She was introduced in The Vampire Diaries in Season 1 as Elena’s second-tier friend, and slowly she crept into our hearts until she became one of the most pinnacle characters of the series.

Katherine Pierce was impressed with her, Klaus Mikaelson fell in love with her, Tyler Lockwood broke his sire bond for her, Rebekah Mikaelson saw her as a formidable nemesis, in the five years that she’s been on our screens Caroline Forbes has grown into such an amazing character that many of us look up to her.

We look forward to Candice dazzling us onscreen for many years to come.


Written by Caryn. Find her on Tumblr and Twitter