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Cool Gift Ideas for Klaroliners


Christmas time is one of my favourite times of the year because I am never one to turn down free gifts, but it is also a time celebrated by both Klaus and Caroline. The following will be a list of gifts you can get (last minute like all of my Christmas shopping that I haven’t started) for a Klaroline shipper otherwise known as the Klaroline Christmas Wish List:

  • A horse/pony- How could this gift ever go wrong?

  • Bottles upon bottles of champagne


  • A heartfelt drawing and or painting

  • A dress that can be described as Queen of Monaco hot

  • Any type of alcoholic drink (As long as its sanitary)

  • Surprise road trip to New Orleans

  • A hummingbird

  • The Da Vinci code DVD

  • A time travelling device to stop by the 20’s

  • A lovely bracelet

  • Plane tickets to Rome, Paris or Tokyo

  • A mini fridge

  • A new shirt or buttons at the very least

  • Or alternately check out some Klaroline Merchandise that you can buy online at Redbubble, Cafe Press

I hope you all have a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! But always remember that under no circumstances for Christmas will you buy a Klaroline Shipper a Mystic Falls snow globe (especially not for secret santa).


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