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#DearKlaroline Twitter Event

The time has come to shake off that hiatus stupor, Klaroliners! We are less than one month away from TVD’s last season premiere. I’m simultaneously sick to my stomach and giddy with excitement. *says a silent pray of thanks to the tv gods* With that being said, the trending team wants to start this season off with lots of love for Caroline and Klaus and the fandom with a week long event!

Starting Monday, September 26th until Friday September 30th, we encourage everyone to tweet using the hashtag #DearKlaroline!

  • Day #1, September 26th: What has shipping Klaroline done for you? Ex: #DearKlaroline I’ve become friends with some of the craziest, no chill having people!
  • Day #2, September 27th: Why do you ship Klaus and Caroline? Ex: #DearKlaroline I’ve fallen in love with the way Klaus lights up when he sees Caroline.
  • Day #3, September 28th: If you could show Klaus and Caroline pieces of fandom fiction, art, milestones etc what would it be? Ex: #DearKlaroline can you believe we got a petition with over 24,000 signatures and PHYSICALLY sent it to The CW’s offices?!
  • Day #4, September 29th: Why will you continue fighting for Klaroline however long it takes? Ex: #DearKlaroline you’ve shown me how two people can make each other stronger, I’ll never stop fighting for KC!
  • Day #5, September 30th: What do you hope for the future? For Klaroline as a ship or in the shows? Ex: #DearKlaroline I believe one day you will reunite, see the world together, and fall in love over spaghetti in Italy.

This event is meant to be fun for the fandom on twitter, so don’t hold back on feels! Tagging writers, actors etc. in your tweets is okay, but remember to keep it positive and be polite! We hope you will all participate and if this is successful we can plan more events like this. 🙂