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Your votes have been counted and this month’s Author of the Month Poll winner is Klarolineepiclove!

Alex’s way with fluff is undeniable, sending out feels left and right. If you’re searching for some happy fics, you need look no further!

Her stories manage to capture the essence of Klaroline, which is certainly a feat in AU/AH settings. She is able to transfer what makes Klaus and Caroline who they are into a normal, non supernatural world and still make it work while retaining that particular atmosphere that fluffy fics all have.

But Alex’s fics aren’t all sunshine and roses. Every good writer knows that to make their fluff really count their stories require some amount of angst. Just enough so the happy times are that much more important but without making us sob the entire time, and Alex can definitely pull this off amazingly.

Take her most well-known story Rescue Me. Caroline is headed home to help her best friend Stefan get married. Sounds like a super sweet fic right? Pure fluff, even. Well, throw Rebekah as the fiancé and of course her mysterious brother Klaus into the mix and you have a recipe for a great fic with ups and downs, and of course Klaroline’s signature sexual tension, which is apparent even during their first meeting.

“”I have a stun gun.”

His brow furrowed as he looked at her again. “Excuse me?”

“A stun gun. You know? Form of self defense. I have one,” she lied easily, praying he bought it and couldn’t see straight through her. “So you know, I can use it. I’m trained well. Highly deadly.”

One corner of the man’s mouth quirked up. “You realize, sweetheart, that a stun gun is not a deadly weapon?”

Caroline blinked at him through her sunglasses, trying not to focus too much on how much she liked the way he called her sweetheart. “Well, regardless, it would still hurt like a bitch if I had to zap your ass.”

He laughed, shaking his head. “Look, love, I’m not looking for any trouble or to get my ass zapped. I just need a ride into town.” He smiled, leaning down to peer at her through the window. “I promise I’m not a serial killer.”

“Yeah. I’m pretty sure that’s what they all say,” she sighed, shifting in her seat. “Okay, here’s the deal. I’d feel super guilty if I just left you here to fend for yourself, what with all the crazy old biddies about to head out of the diner, because honestly, they shouldn’t be driving to begin with. So I’ll give you a lift into town, but you should know that I’m the sheriff’s daughter, and she knows I’m coming to town today, so if for any reason I don’t show up, there will more than likely be a search party. So your odds of escape are incredibly slim.”

She watched an amused smile spread across his face with every word he spoke, and she pushed down the odd fluttering she felt in her chest at the sight, unable to even stop smiling in return.


“Crystal, love,” he said, chuckling softly.

Caroline nodded. “Okay, good. Seriously. Don’t make me use my stun gun on you.” He laughed, a deep, throaty laugh, and she smiled. “What’s your name?”

“Nik,” he replied, smiling. “And who might my rescuer be?”

“Caroline. Now are you coming or what, Nik?”

“Let me just get my bag.””

-Rescue Me, Chapter 1

Klaus and Caroline continue to grow close and get to know each other amidst the drama of planning and executing a wedding, as well as dealing with all the baggage she left behind in Mystic Falls. The story is so full of drama and feels, you can’t help but get sucked into it. And you know I wouldn’t love it so much if there wasn’t some great smut to be had as well *wink wink*.

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