December 2014 Update of the Month: Blood Roses for the Devil’s Queen



The votes are in, and as you can see Blood roses for the Devil’s Queen by the wonderfully talented Anastasia Dreams

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Yes, even though most of us add ‘Beg the lord above for a Lead us into Temptation update’ in our weekly to-do list, Robin’s relatively new fanfiction Blood roses for the Devil’s Queen is nothing short of extraordinary, proving yet again why she is one of the most popular authors in our fandom.

  Here is the summary of the fanfic as seen on the author’s fanfiction page:

“With one glimpse of Heaven’s secret weapon, Klaus is willing to risk it all, even holy war, to have her by his side. Abducted by the Prince of Darkness, Caroline finds the lines between good and evil blurred as she is drawn into a plot to overthrow the King of Hell. Klaroline/AU”

True to the author’s trademark the fanfic mostly works in the shades of grey, with Klaus as the King of Hell, something let’s all admit we thought Klaus very much capable of. Well, at least in his pre-TO stint. Caroline, is an angel and is kidnapped by Klaus and kept hostage, away from her sisters. While the story is heavy on plot that always keep you intrigued and wondering what the next twist and turn will be, the main attraction of the story, of course is the back and forth relationship between Klaroline. Caroline, is broken up between wishing to return home and escaping the madman who kidnaps her, but at the same time cannot deny the raw attraction she feels for him, or how good it feels to have him close to her.

“Again and again he freed the buttons, his mouth branding her down her back. Passion fluttered within her and when his mouth moved from her back to nip at her neck she gasped. He chuckled lightly. Only, to suckle at her skin and she hungered for him to kiss her. To put his hot, wet mouth on hers. What was wrong with her? The two of them were at odds and ends, she was still his prisoner and an Angel and yet, she burned for him.”

And Klaus, true to form is possessive and ruthless, and has a weak spot for Caroline.

“I will bring about Holy War before I let you leave me.”

“Why?” Caroline asked, her tears falling faster.

“Does it matter?” He threw at her, the beginnings of anger in the clench of his jaw.

“Yes. It does matter. I want know why I am being punished.”

Klaus held her tighter, his muscles hardening with his fury. “Punishment? It is a punishment to endure my kisses, spend time at my side? You lie to yourself if you believe that.””I don’t know what to believe anymore. I only know I want to go home,” Caroline sobbed, thrusting herself away from him. She didn’t want him to hold her, to be close to him. It only confused her more.”You do know what to believe.” He stepped towards her cautiously. “Search your instincts and you will know which of us, Elijah or myself to trust. Which one of us lied to you?”

Caroline did know and the truth tore at her, ripped her reality to pieces. She didn’t want to face it because to do so would be mean the destruction of her very beliefs. Elijah, Heavens leader, acted like the Devil he once was and Klaus for all his faults…She couldn’t even continue that train of thought because it only made her dangerously more confused.

“I want to go home. I miss my sisters. I need them,” Caroline cried. “You are home,” Klaus snapped.

“No. This will never be home.” Caroline wiped her tears with her hands. “Home is where I am needed and loved. Where I can work to bring happiness and light to those who need it most. My sisters must be so worried. Let me speak to Elijah and send a message to them.”

Klaus’ jaw hardened. “You will never see him again. I will not allow it.”

This fanfic has a lot to show for only 11 chapters and is bound to become one hell of a ride, and we for one cannot wait to see where it takes us! Make sure to catch the latest update and if you haven’t yet read the fic, then what are you waiting for?!

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