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December 2015 Blog of the Month Winner: tom-thepreciouspotato-hardy


Congratulations to the December Blog of the Month winner. You have voted and decided that Sheridan’s blog is the last botm winner in 2015.


Sheridan expresses her reasons for shipping Klaroline very eloquently; she fell for the instantaneous chemistry between the two describing it as “like watching sparks through my laptop screen”. Furthermore she says, they bring out the most unexpected, and sometimes best sides of each other. Nobody would think that a previously uncaring Klaus would care for anyone besides his family, and nobody thought Miss Mystic Falls herself would be destined for so much more than one small town. The contrast of light and dark was also part of the attraction for her. Caroline is bright, bubbly, and radiates joy no matter how crappy her situation is. Klaus had been unfeeling, cold, and brooding until that point. The fact that they showed each other part of themselves that they hadn’t shown the rest of the world was really beautiful.


Sheridan is a lover of music, and is brilliant at making playlists that remind us of our lovely OTP – just check out her wonderful AU week contributions. She feels like she has found her niche with that, but she’s also learning how to make graphics which is something that she would like to start doing more of.


If you want a rainbow of Klaroline, pretty fashion, and general nerdiness on your dash you will enjoy this blog. So go check it out and say Hi to this sunny, lovely Klaroline shipper.


Congratulations again, Sheridan. And happy holidays!