December Recap on Klaroline Fandom


We won’t go down without a fight

Let’s not beat around the bush. We lost this match so far; on December 17th spoilertv.com launched a poll about “Best CW Couple” and after a few days of uncertainty, the votes are now consolidated and the results show already who is the winner even though the poll is still open. The main couples battling in the ring are:

·         Bellamy and Clarke from The100

·         Barry and Iris from The Flash

·         Damon and Bonny from The Vampires Diaries

·         Damon and Elena from The Vampires Diaries

·         Klaus and Caroline  from The Originals / The Vampire Diaries

·         Oliver and Felicity  from Arrow

·         Stefan and Elena from the Vampire Diaries

·         Stefan and Caroline from the Vampire Diaries

·         Vincent and Cat from the Beauty and the Beast

·         Others

As I am writing, we have the following outcome

We can see that Delena ship is dominating the poll with more than 10k votes. Well, chapeau to this powerful fandom which is also lucky enough to have their favorite otp supported by the TV writers.

When the poll started, the provisions were slightly different; indeed after a few of hours it seemed that Olicity was leaving all the others in the dust while Klaroline was able to reach the 3rd position. To be honest I was a bit naïve to think that it was just the beginning.

During the weekend before Christmas things already started to shape into a completely different scenario and right before Christmas it ended with the following picture. It’s like Delena shippers are late risers but when they put their foot down, they can create quite a commotion.

Let’s say that Klaroline’ spirit was getting quite sour and dejected. But we never stopped fighting.

We kept promoting and pushing for more votes through twitter, facebook, tumblr, etc.

And so after a bit of struggling and pushing, Klaroline gained back the 4th position.

Nevertheless our ship didn’t make to the winners’ spot.

I let you guess the whispers around the web in last days were all “Klaroline dead ship” or “Klaroline should give up”, etc., etc. Is that so? Is Klaroline a dead ship? I will answer with this:


On December 23rd, tvline.com mentioned Klaus and Caroline as “most wanted couple 2015”. On twitter, it was a big fest; over 800 tweets in one hour. We have to thank Ruth (aka @klaroholic) for the cheerful event and all the other shippers who took time to write to TV line. My guess is that the requests to TV line were quite a big number since our ship made to the wishing list at the end. And? Is Klaroline a dead ship? If I haven’t convinced you yet, I will then fire another shot:

On December 22nd bustle.com mentioned Klaroline as worst/best couple. Why worst? Well, I didn’t get quite well that part; apparently “These two are the best because, well, chemistry. But they’re also the worst because fans love them so damn much and there’s no possible way they can ever happen. Especially because TVD and The Originals refuse to give them a crossover episode”. Actually, I would rather say it is the other way around; since the fans love them so damn much, they ought to happen. Logic and TV rates would recommend so at least.

And guess who made to the #1 as worst couple? Steroline. Ops, my bad. I didn’t mean to blab.

 And? That’s it?


On December 21st Entertainment Weekly released an article ranking the sweetest shipper moment of 2014. Out of 21 position, Klaroline made to the top 10 with the kiss in the wood (ep 5×11). That episode was aired on January 23rd , almost one year ago but it still finds a way into the shippers’ heart.

But what about the mood in the web? Are the Klaroline shippers giving up? Let’s look at the graph below.

The graph compares the twitter activity among three big groups of fans during December: Delena, Olicity, Klaroline (I also tried Bellarke, but for some reasons topsy.com couldn’t detect many tweets. It might be that I used the wrong key word).

The presence of the Klaroline fandom is constant and holds ground compared to two of the most famous ships which are the leading characters in their own shows and are still playing together.

What are the dates to remember (see also “Top Klaroline Tweets for the Week: 16 – 27 December 2014”, “Top Klaroline Tweets for the Week: 2 – 15 December 2014”, “Top 10 Tweets from The Vampire Diaries 6×10: Beignets Edition”)?

With more than 8k twits, on December 8th, during the Midseason Finale of The Original, “Ghost of Klaroline Past” trended Worldwide. Thanks to all the American Klaro-fighters! I am not sure if Europe was present due to the time zone. I, for instance, fought against sleep till half an hour before the trend. When the party started I was fast asleep, lol.

But the Klaroline Fandom never rests. We did have a lot of activity and buzz during the month of December; 4 wannabe trends in less than 20 days. Almost one trend per week.

At the end two trends reached the worldwide lists; “Beignets for Caroline” (lol, guys, you are really hilarious) and “Klaroline for Christmas”.


So, now that we have out of the way “Klaroline dead ship”, let’s look again at the numbers of spoilertv.com. A few of considerations are in order;

·    Klaroline is present in the poll “Best CW couple” even though Klaus and Caroline have not been on the same show for almost a year.

·   All the other competing ships that are in the winners’ spot are leading characters in their own shows. Caroline and Klaus are just secondary characters in The Vampire Diaries.

·   Klaroline receives a tepid (lol) treatment from TV writers and sometimes also from the playing actors, while Delena can always counts on great support by the TV crew and medias.

·     Steroline, just LOL.

·   Delena fandom might be more numerous compared to Klaroline fandom, but the latest is more compact and organized. How can we see that? Whenever there is an action to take, the Klaroliners are the fastest; they won the contest “TVD, Best Romance” with 2,028 votes against Delena with 1,520 and the poll was opened just for one week. In this case Delena fans, late risers, didn’t play well their cards (also in the first days of the poll “Best CW Couple”, Klaroline was at the top 3 position). Besides, when the Klaroline fandom goes for a trend, they are able to reach big numbers (8k twits for “Ghost of Klaroline Past” against the 5k twits of Delena’s last trend “7 million views for Delena’s Motel Kiss). And least but not last the Klarolines watch the media like owls and they don’t shy away when it’s time to send kind reminders (i.e. tvline.com and bustle.com).

Now, let’s play a bit with numbers. My guess is that we could have quite interesting results.

As I said before Klaroline is just a secondary ship in TVD and they have limited presence on the screen while they interact together. What happens if we compare the main couples in the poll “Best CW Couple” in terms of minutes they play together during the episodes in the shows? I took 3 couples; Delena, Bellarke and Olicity. To find out how many minutes these couples star together was quite a difficult task. I had to research a bit on youtube and ask around questions and opinions. It was … challenging. But at the end I was able to pull together a few lists. I will just summarize here the results but you can easily spot the lists roaming a bit in youtube.

I took playlists on youtube that would collect all the scenes of, for example, Elena and Damon during the six seasons. Shortly;

·  For Delena, I found out through Delena is Surreal’s playlist that the couple start together 540 min over the six seasons.

·   For Bellarke, I took TheQueenAndHerKnight’s playlist that collects from episode 1×02 to episode 2×07. For the rest I had to dig a bit more in the web for a total of over 180 minutes in two seasons.

·   For Olicity, I took Olicy Queen’s playlist that collects from episode 1×03 to episode 2×09 for a total of 221 minutes

·   For Klaroline, I couldn’t find a playlist (lol) but I found some videos that would put together the main moments. DanySuavi’s video would reach 43 minutes.

Since TVD is the only show reaching six seasons I had to cut a bit the minutes of Delena so that the comparison would be based on more standard data.

*  couple play together (not necessarily in a romantic way)

** it considers season 3 and 4 from TVD plus one episode from season 5

For example; Klaroline’s episodes are about 18 over three seasons (3rd, 4th, 5th). The couple interacts together (romantically or not) for let’s say 43 min. In the poll CW Best Couple, they reached 2,666 votes meaning that for each minutes of Klaroline on screen, 62 people voted.

See? Compared to the other couples Klaroline has the biggest impact in terms of fans’ reaction to the scenes on screen. Since what you find in playlists can be always challenged or argued (“you shouldn’t have taken this scene” or “this scene doesn’t count” and so on), I repeated this little exercise with a more impersonal approach.

For each episode of the TV shows, I assumed that the couples play together for at least 2 min. And also in this case I used the total minutes (for example 58 min in Bellarke) in comparison to the total votes (8,287 for Bellarke).

Bellarke rocks. But Klaroline is still holding its ground!

Just a question; if these are results at the moment, could you imagine if Klaroline were the leading characters in its own show? Just saying.

In conclusion;

Did we lose the poll?


Is Klaroline a dead ship?


Did Klaroline rock it?


So, dear Klaroliners, we are still here against all the obstacles. And one thing is clear.


We won’t go down without a fight


Authors’ note. I would like to thank all the people who helped me with this article giving me useful advices, opinions, links, etc. like @SmoakinSwift, @bobsbellamy, @ItWasAllForYou, @Fisio_KC.

On this note, I would like to propose a trend, “Klaroline Among The Stars”, for the 19th of January when TO is again on air. What do you think? Shall we do it?