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DRABBLE OF THE WEEK: Dance Like No One's Watching by Wreckless Righter

Okay this week’s drabble, Dance Like No One’s Watching, has two of my favourite things: Klaroline and Dancing! And even better, Klaroline dancing together.

This drabble is pretty cute and fun with Caroline just dancing and enjoying herself when Klaus walks in to find her just rocking out. Of course Caroline being her usual persuasive self manages to convince Klaus to join her. I mean, with all The Originals flashbacks and Klaus’ hairdo, I can actually picture Klaus shaking his booty and swinging his hair. My absolute fave has to be the longish-curly hair for Klaus.

However, any closeness with Klaroline, any teasing, and of course kissing is amazing!! Wait, wait… anything Klaroline related is definitely a sight to behold and this is what this drabble has.

You should definitely give this drabble a read.

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