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DRABBLE OF THE WEEK: For the next 24 hours BY Logan27

Dearest Klaroliners! For the next 24 hours by Logan27 is chosen as this Drabble of the Week.

It actually revolves around the fourth season of the show. Do you remember the time when the entire Mystic Falls gang was after the cure? Kol was staked in front of Klaus and then Bonnie trapped the Original Hybrid inside Elena’s house? Yep.

Klaus comes out of the Elena’s living room after the shield went down and confesses that it was all for Caroline. In canon he left right after that, much to my irritation.

But this one-shot just filled my long lost wish. Caroline, for once, kisses goodbye her inhibitions and begins it all with ‘For the next 24 hours…’

She asks him not to question her as she’s tired of everything lately — her friends using her as his bait, thinking what they think of her choices, and she decides to follow her instincts. Klaus happily takes her to his home, to his room.

Show ended and we got ‘the beginning!’ At such a time, this one-shot is recommended if you wanna get lost in the feels. My favourite scenes are: Klaus peeking while giving her a bath (yes, bath!), Caroline admitting every single thought she had of him, and oh, the steamy scenes.

Go and read the drabble HERE. Let us know how you felt about it!