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Hello Klaroliners! The Drabble of the Week is Friction by mon-amour-eternel (cettevieestbien) and trust me when I say it’s a real winner.

To begin with, this story features Original Caroline, which is one of my absolute favorite things. She’s just as badass as she usually is but with the added benefit of not putting up with any of Klaus’ alpha male shenanigans.

Our story begins when Klaus daggers his brother Finn, something he swore to his wife Caroline he’d never do. When he refuses to un-dagger him, she gives him an ultimatum: release his brother and swear to never do it again or she is leaving. Klaus calls her bluff, believing Caroline would never survive without him and is shocked when he finds her gone the following day.

Caroline figured Klaus would eventually give in to her demands so she could come home, but when he doesn’t, she decides to leave the drama behind and find a new place to settle down. What better place than her Mystic Falls? With a little help from her witchy friends, she’s able to convince the town that she’s always been there and starts to build a new life for herself.

Things are going great- even if she has to put up with Damon Salvatore- until the day Klaus shows up, looking to capture himself a doppelgänger. Will Caroline help her husband achieve his dreams or will she remain loyal to the people she’s come to care for? She’s missed him fiercely but has their time apart changed him? And even though she’s longed to go back to the family she spent almost a thousand years with, is it possible to go back after being separated from them for so long?

I loved this fic! It was a great combination of angst, humor, and romance. It features a few of my favorite Mikaelsons (hello Kol) while still paying tribute to the amazing chemistry Klaus and Caroline have when they’re together. Caroline’s running internal monologue about her friends is legitimately laugh out loud funny. This story is also a part of a drabble collection, so there’s more fics to enjoy after you’ve read this one. Do yourself a favor and check it out! And be sure to leave the author a little love and comment while you’re at it.


Find the drabble HERE.