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Hello Klaroliners! Hope you’re all enjoying the month of July so far. I’ve got a tasty little morsel for you all to sink your teeth into this week, a fic that uses Hope Mikaelson to its advantage.

Our story finds Hope plotting how bring her teacher, Ms. Forbes, closer to her father Klaus. She sees how they look at each other when they think the other is paying attention and she’s determined to make them both realize their feelings for each other.

I have never been a fan of the baby storylines in The Vampire Diaries or The Originals but the the author did an amazing job of telling a story that involved the kids. We get great chemistry between Klaus and Caroline with the added bonus of a peak inside what it might be like next season now that Hope is attending Caroline’s school.

This story does a wonderful job of balancing out what the future for our favorite vampire and hybrid couple might hold while simultaneously giving us a beautiful story about a child just wanting her father to be happy with the woman he so clearly loves.

Be sure to leave the author a little love after you’re done reading it!

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