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DRABBLE OF THE WEEK: My Eyes Can't See BY LittleMissBrit

Hello there, lovelies! This time we give youย My Eyes Can’t See by LittleMissBrit as the Drabble of the Week.

Okay, this is set in an AH dimension and around World War II, i.e 1944. Caroline works at the hospital in which Captain Klaus Mikaelson will be admitted. She gets used to seeing men dying in front of her eyes, while a few remain disabled.

Here comes Klaus, who has lost his eyesight during a recent battle. He’s slightly worried, but doesn’t lose hope. Caroline seems like a patient and professional person too. She minds her work and is not initially interested until he guesses a few points about her physical appearance.

Since this is a one-shot, the author tries her best to show how the relationship develops between them gradually. Caroline likes his company and vice versa. And then one day Klaus disappears suddenly. He will be moved to a better hospital in order to go through some surgeries. Then we can understand that he got under her skin.

After a few days, while she’s super busy with her work, sheย hears his words, “I told that you’d be beautiful.”

Oh yeah! He comes all the way to see her after his eyesight is restored. They reunite with Caroline jumping into his arms.

I liked the parts where Klaus was being optimistic about his eye-sight, Caroline listening to his every word patiently, and oh, the wedding in the end!

Find it HERE and let us know your thoughts!