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DRABBLE OF THE WEEK: Stop Reminiscing by Honestgrins

Hello Klaropeeps! This week’s drabble is Stop Reminiscing by Honestgrins. The past couple of drabbles I’ve written about were quite fluffy however this week’s one is a little angsty.

In this drabble Klaus and Caroline are together… sort off. They have these months of whirlwind romance before they go back to their normal lives. Klaus is starting to feel used and wants more than just a few months oh and he would appreciate it if she stopped wearing her wedding band on a necklace around her neck… whoops.

Klaus being Klaus gets annoyed and has a hard time hiding his anger from Caroline and admitting how he feels.

I suggest you read this drabble if you want to see how Caroline responds.

I personally enjoyed picturing the setting with our beautiful couple and I especially enjoyed seeing Klaus’s vulnerability and the way Caroline responds to it.

Read it here