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Drabble of the Week: Teasing and Breaking by kickassfu

Hello Klaroliners! We’ve got another Drabble of the Week all prepped and ready for your consumption. Before we get to the good stuff, can we all take a second and thank the powers that be for all the KC related blessings we’ve been getting lately? It’s incredible and I hope the streak continues.

This week’s drabble is part a larger ficlet collection, which you all should also check out because it’s amazing. It’s called Teasing and Breaking by kickassfu and it does an amazing job capturing what the future might look like for our favorite supernatural duo. Set post-canon, this little story gives us a peek inside Klaus and Caroline’s relationship.

We find our favorite duo in a clothing boutique, with Caroline putting on a private fashion show for Klaus. Caroline’s cheerleading skirt is brought up and Klaus mentions how much he’d love to see her in her old uniform while Caroline teases that she’s saving it for a special occasion. When Caroline mentions the past, when she was still a baby vampire in Mystic Falls, Klaus takes the opportunity to remind her, and us, how much he loves and respects her.

This story starts out fun and flirty but then shifts into a more thoughtful piece towards the end. It did a great job blending different genres while making me smile while tugging on my heartstrings. This one is worth the read, and remember to leave the author a little love while you’re at it.

Read the story HERE.