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Drabble of the Week: Untitled by klaraholic



Hello everybody! Hope you’re all having a good summer, even though it’s almost over. I know, I know, that’s pretty sad, but here’s a beautiful klaroline drabble to cheer you up! Brought to us by the wonderful author klaraholic!

This drabble is an untitled ask piece but it’s still incredibly cute and caught my attention within seconds of beginning it. The prompt for this drabble was “(Back when Klaus first comes to town). Caroline finds herself drawn to Klaus (because they’re mates), and everyone else finds out after he breaks the hybrid curse.” So right off the bat you know the contents/ending of the writing but it’s not always about how it ends -it’s a lot about how you get there.

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Right off the bat Caroline isn’t ashamed that Klaus is her mate (well she’s not afraid to admit it to herself) and this is something different than the usual style of fic where Caroline is in denial about the whole situation. The author secures their mate status by describing connected glances across the room between the two which made me smile thinking about the way the two characters actually look at each other in The Vampire Diaries. Soulmates!

The ending had me smiling like an idiot and although it was short I thoroughly enjoyed reading the writing!

Happy reading!

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