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Drabble of the Week: Wake Up and Smell the Formaldehyde by rebelandhercaptain

This week’s drabble, Wake Up and Smell the Formaldehyde by rebelandhercaptain, is an amusing and thoroughly entertaining story written for AU/AH day of Klaroline Infinity Week in the lead up to this Friday’s highly anticipated TVD finale.

In this fic we meet overachieving high school student Caroline Forbes who loves nothing more than biology class, the smell of formaldehyde, and, as we soon learn, dissecting things. She’s not weird or anything, she reasons, Caroline just likes cutting things up.

On her first day of biology class she is dismayed to find out that she is paired with feared, social outcast Klaus Mikaelson. So feared in fact that, according to rumor, if you make eye contact for too long Klaus will hunt you down and slit your throat. Needless to say she’s a little worried about this new partnership. What she learns about Klaus though will be nothing she ever expected.

So, I’m going to be honest I don’t like blood or dissecting things and I may have been a very average biology student, but I loved this drabble, mainly because it was so refreshingly different. Plus I’m a sucker for a good Klaroline High School fic any day of the week!

The author’s characterization of overachiever Caroline, especially, was on point. I also enjoyed the exchange between our favourite pair because it had so many contrasting elements that came together to give the reader an extremely pleasing conclusion.


You can read this wonderful drabble HERE.