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DRABBLE OF THE WEEK: Wedding She Don't Interruptus BY Austennerdita2533

Hello Klaro-sweets! This week Wedding She Don’t Interruptus by Austennerdita2533 is chosen for Drabble of the Week.

First of all, this mini drabble is written in the dialogue form and the author has said she’s inspired from the recent book series – A Court of Thorns and Roses. As far I know,  almost half of the KC fandom is familiar with this book series.

If you don’t know, then it’s cool. No worries. If you are familiar with the book, then Klaus is in Rhysand’s place, Caroline is Feyre, and Stefan is Tamlin, the tool.

So, coming back to the mini drabble- everyone got mad about the June Wedding concept. Trust me, whenever I think of it, I cringe. The author has changed this scene, written it like it was there in the book. Caroline mentally pleads (yells) for someone to stop this wedding and boom! Klaus shows up with his signature smirk.

The conversation among Klaus, Caroline, Stefan, Enzo, and Bonnie is damn hilarious. Caroline finally declares her inconvenient relationship with Stefan and her wish to see the world with Klaus. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this dialogue form, crazy one-shot.


Find it HERE and let us know your thoughts!