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Drabble of the Week: A New Story by captndevil

Hey, Klaroliners! Welcome back for another drabble of the week! I hope everyone had a wonderful summer and that the new school year brings good things for all of you (students & parents)!

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I’m sure I’m not the only one who’s excited for the new possibilities for Klaroline! There’s been anticipation since finding out that Caroline will be taking part in a few episodes of The Originals. Taking that in mind, this weeks drabble will take a look at Caroline’s last scene in the finale of TVD.

In this weeks piece, A New Story by captndevil, Alaric has departed with the girls for a trip to Disneyland; Caroline has chosen to stay behind to take care of paperwork for the new school. That’s, of course, when she finds Klaus’ three million dollar check enveloped snugly among her mail with a note attached.

While the note and scene itself say a lot – mainly that ‘however long it takes’ is still very much on the table – the author offers us their version of what’s going through Caroline’s mind as she processes the generous donation; phone numbers are dialed, and the rest goes from there.

The drabble of the week is lighthearted and especially hopeful for the future of the ship; a sentiment a lot of us Klaroliners share!

Things are finally looking up!


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