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DRABBLE OF THE WEEK: Soulmates BY gooddame

Hello lovelies! This time Soulmates by gooddame is chosen as our Drabble of the Week.

Set in an AU, this drabble starts with Caroline sitting poolside, getting tan, but the tattoo on the side of her rib bothers her, thinking she’s not settled down properly.

Enter Klaus who will give his entire attention to the blonde at the very sight. They exchange looks and Caroline is all blushing due to his quick impact on her. He then offers to apply body lotion for her. They begin to converse and that’s when Klaus slips his hand and brushes over her tattoo, which is a number.

Here comes the twist.

Caroline and Klaus are witch and warlock, respectively. He tells her his age, which matches with the number on her body. Since Caroline is only partly aware how the thing work, he explains it for her. The tattoo on her skin stops burning when he touches it. Same goes for him.

The plot is really short, but a cute one. I’m a huge sucker for a soulmates theme and all those fanfics I read had portrayed Klaus as the wolf and Caroline as his mate. Both of them being magic drawing individuals and soulmates is what I think as different, especially where the writer has put the characters’ every thought and emotion in detail. And oh, she hinted there is a possibility for part two. So, follow her for more!


Read it HERE and let us know your thoughts, sweets!