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Drabble of the Week: Untitled by onyourkneescaroline


Good afternoon, Klaroliners! I hope everyone has been having a stupendous week so far! It’s Tuesday once more which means we are gathered here today to feature this week’s drabble!

Taking note of the above gif, you might correctly deduce that one of the themes for this piece is that it’s a Harry Potter AU!

Taking place after their time at Hogwarts, Caroline and Klaus are a newly married couple. While not happy about the fact that they didn’t get to come together as a couple on their own, both are happy with their match, but it’s what is to take place after the wedding that shakes them up.

According to a new law, magical folks are encouraged to reproduce quite soon after marrying, a daunting task for a young couple that are just starting their careers.

Though terrified of the future, they both pull through and are thrown into pregnancy-hood sooner than they thought.
We all know that the changing body chemistry of a woman can heighten certain drives, and by that I mean there’s definitely going to be some smut, and a touch of fluff to wrap it up!



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