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Hello Klaroliners! It’s another week which brings a new DOTW. This week’s Drabble of the Week is She was wrong by klaro-addict.

This drabble is told from Liz Forbes’ point of view. She relays the details of Klaus and Caroline’s high school relationship (which involves making out across the street in his car). Then Klaus gets accepted to Uni in Paris and Liz fears she was right about their relationship not being able to endure college. One day a letter of acceptance to University College London comes for Caroline and it is then that her aforementioned worry wasn’t a problem. The communication between Caroline and Klaus only gets stronger (being two hours away from each other).

Klaus graduates earlier than Caroline and heads to America, but not to work out his visa issues like he told Caroline, but to get approval on a stunning diamond ring. And a year later when Caroline shows up at her mom’s house with her left ring finger adorned by the engagement ring, Liz Forbes was ecstatic she was wrong.

What I love most is that although we never get any interactions between the couple, their love and care towards one another is evident through Liz’s eyes. Another thing I like was that it was from Liz’s point of view because we rarely see opinions regarding Klaroline’s dynamic from other characters.

The drabble was highly enjoyable, so you can read it HERE!