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Fandom Highlights from the #KlarolineIsComing Twitter Event



If you are reading this, then that means you have survived the Klaropocalypse 2K16. Congratulations! Let me shake your hand because WE MADE IT! That’s right, after 2 years of waiting we finally got a new Klaroline scene!

The week of the crossover we held an event on Twitter using the #KlarolineIsComing hashtag, so here’s a look at some of my favorite tweets!

1. This answer was definitely not what I expected, but it feels just about right!

2. I think 2 years is good.

3. Don’t you love how Klaroline AF the media is? That’s a whole other article, believe me. 😉


5. Can you believe this is real life? This is our year!

6. I can’t understand Russian, but I understand that edit is WITCHCRAFT.

7. Reunited and it feels so gooooood!

8. Two days left is about the point everyone started LOSING THEIR MINDS.

9. Who did this and WHY HAVE I NEVER SEEN IT BEFORE?!?!

10. Actually, I’d like Hello, Love tattooed on my ass, but this is CUTE TOO!

11. Um, this is awkward… especially because I’m laughing maniacally. You should be scared. *evil grin*

12. I’ll always be Jodice trash. #NotSorry

13. So much love!

14. Can’t. Breathe.

15. The entire fandom as the episode started!

And Bonus Tweet!
Damn that Caroline Dries. She got Twitter FREAKING OUT with this one sentence. Your Klaroline is showing, girl!


So, with over 13.5K tweets throughout the week, I declare #KlarolineIsComing a success! Everyone who participated had a blast fangirling together in preparation for the new Klaroline scene. The wait was worth it and I honestly can’t wait until we have another week of celebrating for the next crossover because, believe me, this is only the beginning.