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Fandom News: Conquering the Captcha

I never thought I’d be declaring my hatred of storefronts, rivers, trucks, road signs, and grass, but alas, here I am saying, I LOATHE THEM and I AM NOT A ROBOT!

Since June 27th when E!’s poll for TV’s Scoop Awards 2016: Best Shocker opened, and we discovered the phone call between Klaus and Caroline from The Vampire Diaries was nominated, the entire fandom has been in a voting frenzy. Honestly, I’m almost too tired from voting to continue writing, but I’ll power through just for you all.

Non-stop voting for our OTP is easy, but what is not easy is passing the captcha E! has placed on their polls after some people cheated last year. One by one each KCer posted, tweeted, even IGed their frustration at “Choose all the Images with Street Signs” and showing an image with 12 squares of LEAVES.

If you’ve ever been to a sports match and listened to a commentator giving a play-by-play then you probably have a pretty good idea of how the entire fandom felt. Each .1% had people giddy with excitement and, as a result, we ended the first day with 8.7%. 

Determination, no sleep, and multiple voting parties pushed us to catch up to ‘Damon hearing Elena’s voice’ and percent by percent we finally pulled ahead, much to the annoyance of others 🙂

Screen Shot 2016-07-06 at 5.52.10 PM

In the last hours of the poll, everyone was on edge waiting for all the hard work to pay off. It’s been our luck that something always goes wrong in the final moments (please see 5×11), but this time…WE WON! That’s right, with 53.5% of the votes, Klaus and Caroline’s EPIC Phonecall won for Best Shocker!



Even Julie acknowledged our win!



So, what does this mean? Well, keep those fingers crossed because last year the winners received their awards at Comic Con! This means… WE COULD HAVE A JODICE MOMENT!! REMAIN CALM. *deep breaths*

Even if we don’t get our dream Jodice pic, this award shows yet again that the Klaroline fandom remains as determined as ever!

Until next time, Elephants! Oh, and you can all go shower now, I’m sure you stink from sitting so long in front of your computer voting! 😉

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