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Fandom News: Join In Klaroline AU Week: 5 – 12 October

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The time has come for another event week in the Klaroline fandom, and this time it’s entirely set in the Alternate Universe. As always, this fandom knows how to keep busy and there’s always something new around the corner, so the well-oiled minds have taken to really pin-point a setting in which we can explore our beloved ship even further, and where all new sorts of ways to make them flourish can happen.


We’ve had event week’s before, but they’ve usually centered on each day having a different theme. For this week however, we’re being given the task of Klaroline entirely in AU form. Klaus and Caroline are a very adaptable pairing, and sticking them in alternate scenarios is something that not only this fandom is a natural at, but something the ship itself is so perfectly equipped for. Who hasn’t wondered how Klaroline would be on a show that wasn’t The Vampire Diaries, could dynamics and scenario’s be created so that they sparkle just as much? This is perfect week to find that out!


The schedule is as follows,


October 5 – AU: All Human (Celebrities)

This is the day for works where either Klaus or Caroline (or both!) are one of the beautiful people. Model/Musician/Actor AU’s! Bodyguard AU’s! Modern Royalty, Trashy Reality Show stars… all sorts of possibilities.

October 6 – AU: The Past

For works taking place before the present. Recency AU’s are always awesome and popular but there’s so many options whether you go the AH route or not.

October 7 – AU: The Future

Klaus and Caroline are immortal, so where will they be in a century? Two? A millenium? How will they change? What will the world be like? This is the day to explore that. Dystopian AU’s. Klaroline is space!

October 8 – AU: Fusions and Crossovers

Book/movie/TV show AU’s! A day for works that either feature characters from other fictional universes or are inspired by the worlds created in them.

October 9 – AU: All Human (Regular Joes)

Human AU’s are some of the MOST popular so I thought we’d do two days! This one’s for works where Klaus and Caroline are just working stiffs like the rest of us. This is for your Office AU’s, your High School/University AU’s. Coffee Shop AU’s, etc.

October 10 – AU: Mythological Creatures

AKA the idea that started it all! Mermaid AU’s STRONGLY encouraged. But let’s not stop there, fandom. Dragons make everything better, after all. Banshees! Fairys! Nymphs! I look forward to seeing what ideas pop up!

October 11 – AU: Mates/Soulmates

Mates!AU’s are perhaps the most popular, for good reason. There’s so many amazing ones! Let’s see what else we can come up with.

October 12 – AU: Free For All!

A day where anything goes (and, by demand, smut is strongly encouraged!). If there’s an idea you’ve been kicking around that doesn’t quite fit one of the other themes, post it anyway!


And there you have it! Spread the word and let’s have a good time!


There are some incredible AU scenario’s out there and with the talent in this fandom, this is sure to be a week filled with countless exploration into just what a great ship we all have on our hands. Canon is quite the downer for the time being, so spending a week placing Klaroline nowhere near it, sounds like a refresher we all need before the season’s start back up again. We at the Klaroline Magazine hope you’ll be around to join in!