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Fandom News: #StoryOfKlaroline Twitter Event

Hello everyone! Thanksgiving is almost upon us — I know, I know, where has the time gone? — and in celebration of that, we are hosting a week long fandom event on Twitter.


During the upcoming week, November 23rd through 27th, we will take a trip down memory lane and we will be using the #StoryOfKlaroline hashtag to create a collection of our tweets for the event.


Most of you are probably wondering why we’re using #StoryOfKlaroline as our hashtag, well, Klaroline is a story, of course. Only it’s a story with a twist — there’s no ending. Klaroline is eternal. It will forever live on. Throughout the week, you can participate by using the hashtag with Klaroline tweets, edits, gifs and/or join in our themed days below!


Day 1, Monday the 23rd Back to the beginning: When did you start shipping Klaroline and why? Maybe you saw a gifset, edit or even someone talking about them on Twitter which prompted you to start The Vampire Diaries? Or maybe it’s the other way around and you already watched the show and Klaroline just stole your heart and led you to join Twitter?

Day 2, Tuesday the 24th Favourite scene: We all have a favourite scene — probably a few favourite scenes. Tweet yours using the hashtag and even tell us why they’re your favourites.

Day 3, Wednesday the 25th Klaroline memories: There’s been some amazing moments in the Klaroline fandom, what are some of your most memorable ones, the ones you’re the most fond of?

Day 4, Thursday the 26th Thanksgiving: While you’re seated around the table with your family, eating food, don’t forget to sneak your phone out and let us know why you’re thankful for Klaroline!

Day 5, Friday the 27th Looking forward: At the end of the week we’re going to look forward… Why do you think Klaroline is eternal? What are your hopes for Klaroline? We want to know.

So join us in once again celebrating our favorite couple, and help spread the word to let other people share their memories, opinions and hopes as well!