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Fandom News: Vote for Klaroline in Zimbio's March Madness Challenge

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It’s voting time in the Klaroline fandom! Recently the fandom had been immersed in two potential polls. Dedication and drive are two things this fandom never lacks. While we suffered a minor setback after not being included in the E! Top TV Couple poll, ultimately it wasn’t entirely a waste. The Klaroliners managed to rally and come out on top in overall nominations. Being excluded might not have been the outcome we were expecting, but we sure do know how to make the most of it.

However, we did have better luck in the other poll. Klaus and Caroline managed to make it into the March Madness Challenge by Zimbio! We’ve fought hard in this poll in the past, so let’s make sure to give it our all! Voting for round one ends on Monday, March 9th and we’re up against Morgan & Garcia from Criminal Minds. You are permitted one vote per device a day. We’re in the lead but let’s try and increase that percentage. You can vote here, now let’s get to it, KCers!