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Hey Klaroliners! In a previous article I asked you what your favourite fandom run event was, many of you answered that 25 days of Klaroline was what you were the most excited for which is not suprising considering the participation levels in the event. The 25 days of Klaroline daily prompts have a big impact on the participation and excitment surrounding the event.

The prompts for 2016 are as follows: meeting (canon or AU/AH), first kiss, secret relationship, NOLA, endgame, high school, college, regency, any time period, royalty, smut, at the office, celebrities, mafia, fraternity and sorority heads, growing up, married, kids, fighting, the Mikaelson siblings, functions (mystic falls parties, reunions, etc), pranks/dares, wooing, crossover/fusion, and Christmas. For this article, I wanted to know what you were most excited about in relation to the 25 days event and what your favourite day of the prompts was. Check out the responses below!

First up we have Klaroheart who wrote about her love for the fandom.

She then continued and said her favourite day was the princess and bodyguard day which must be part of the regency/royalty days and is definitely something I enjoy reading.


Nopemikaelson wrote that her favourite part was the excitment in general surrounding the event and all of the drabbles!

RealynnKC wrote that she is excited for all of the goodies! Knowing some of the writers, the reward of KC smut will 100% be occuring throughout the event.

o_danigirl wrote that she was most excited for regency and royalty but that she loved celebrities, crossovers and smut!

I am most excited for the new drabbles to read and procrastinate with once the 25 days are officially completed. Out of all of the prompts I think I am going to enjoy regency, royalty, any time period and wooing the most because I am a sucker for those in my Klaroline fanfiction. Make sure to track the 25 days of Klaroline tag on tumblr so you don’t miss any of the amazing artworks and drabbles that the fandom created.

What day are you most excited about in the 25 days of Klaroline event? Leave your responses below.