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Fandom Opinion: Which Character is the Biggest Klaroline Shipper?

Hey Klaroliners! Some of my favourite Klaroline Fandom memes and jokes are related to other characters shipping Klaroline throughout the show. And while we can vote for who we think are the fandoms biggest shipper in things like the Klaroline Awards, I wanted to know, which TVD or TO character did you think was the biggest Klaroline shipper and why? Check out the responses below!


Miniklaroline wrote that she thinks Damon because he saw that Klaus was attracted to Caroline long before anyone else!

KlarolineJomo provided examples I love of Damon stanning Klaroline here! My favourite is probably “Caroline’s in there don’t you have a thing for her.”



Klarostarks said that she thinks the biggest shipper is Silas because he got the “two stubborn idiots to confront their feelings. She has a point, Silas has a big impact on the progression of Klaroline!



JoinmeNik pointed out that Klaus himself is the biggest Klaroline shipper because of how badly he wants to be with Caroline.


Amedepoete said that Katherine is the biggest Klaroline shipper after her impressed reaction when she learnt about the Klaroline sex in the woods.



Sweett4life points out that recently the biggest shipper would be Marcel because of his comments about Klaus being back in a good mood after visiting Mystic Falls.


Selia_sparksfly mentions Esther as the biggest Klaroline shipper because of the epic scenes that she orchestrated. If you really think about it Esther had a major role in the early Klaroline days.


Klarolineepic wrote that she thinks Silas is the biggest Klaroline shipper because he visited Caroline as Klaus and Klaus as Caroline.


How did you like the responses? Which character do you believe is the biggest Klaroline shipper. The playing field seems pretty even although a lot of people are putting Damon or Silas as number 1. Check out the other responses here.