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Fandom Opinion: Could the TVD/TO Crossover Be About Klaroline?

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Recently (pre-comic-con) there was a Bustle article that was released which states that there is going to be a The Originals/The Vampire Diaries crossover in the future seasons. Bustle hinted that the person who would be crossing over would be Caroline, but people were wary as we’ve been told similar things before. So I asked tumblr what they thought, do they think she will crossover or is it just another ploy?

Sherrysharp states that although she wishes it was true, Bustle may have just been trying to get traffic or fans onto the site. She doesn’t believe their story but the president of CW did say there will be a crossover but he didn’t confirm who or whether it would be on TVD or TO.

An anonymous sent in that they don’t believe anything they read about Klaroline anymore, they just patiently wait for confirmed scenes before they get their excitement up.

Ravenclawslibrary submitted that they are sceptical as in the past Bustle has proven to be very biased and each writer had different ships and opinions that they push hard. She believes this article, for all its optimism and Klaroline shipping feels, isn’t really interpreting the quote as it was intended to be interpreted. She continues by saying that Mark Pedowitz has states that crossovers will happen when it’s ORGANIC. Bustle is focusing on the will happen part rather than the organic and she thinks we should stay sceptical until something more concrete is stated.

I really don’t know whether to believe in crossovers coming soon, while they say there will be some they’ve been leading us on to believe that since The Originals started filming. Even with all the new information from comic-con nothing is 100% confirmed. So I’ll stay positive and hopeful but not get my hopes up until I have some real evidence.

Written by Brittany. Find her on Tumblr and Twitter