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Fandom Opinion: What are your expectations for Caroline in season 8?

Hey Klaroliners! As we all know The Vampire Diaries Season 8 has just commenced! With all the craziness surrounding season 7 and season 8 being the last for TVD, I wanted to know what your expectations are for Caroline this season! Here are some of your responses:

Amedeopoete wrote about hoping she will realise the human life with Stefan won’t work for her which I am 100% for, both because I don’t care for Stefan and Caroline and vampire Caroline is fab!


This! This! I am loving hasigoody’s response! Caroline was so confident and the writers took a very weird turn in her personality because of Stefan.



Irenelovelycat’s response pretty much sums up what we all want for our dream Klaroline endgame!


Jenny_fairy48 would like for Caroline to leave Stefan and acknowledge Klaus to be her happiness! I don’t see this happening in the next few episodes but fingers crossed for the future!

And this. Endgame of all endgames.

Now before writing this article I wasn’t sure what my expectations for Caroline would be like this season? I like many others are wary of being too involved in the show only to be disappointed in the episodes and the writers/producers/actors negativity towards Klaroline. I am however holding out hope that because of all of our trending and hardwork that we will get the endgame we’ve been dreaming of. In saying that I really don’t know how Caroline will be this season. With the twins/Alaric/her mum/Stefan situations all going on I don’t really know what to expect from my main girl. As always I hope for the best for her (cough Klaus) and quietly hope for a move to The Originals?

Thank you for all of your responses to my question on twitter, to read some of the others click here. What about all of you readers? What are your expectations and hopes for Caroline in season 8? Comment your responses!