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Fandom Opinion: Favourite Fandom Run Event

Hey Klaroliners! As we are getting closer to Christmas and with the Klaroline Winter Fic Exchange underway, I wanted to know what your favourite fandom run event is! Check out the responses below!

There weren’t many responses this time around but here is what you had to say:

Klauslut wrote about how she anxiously waits for AU week!

Amedepoete wrote that 25 days of Klaroline was her favourite!

ValMikaelson couldn’t pick between two and wrote that 25 days of Klaroline and AU week were her favourite!


Paula_Palacios favourite Klaroline events are AU week, positivity week and 25 days of Klaroline.


I don’t know which Fandom Run Event to chose, I love them all! I love AU week because AU’s are my favourite type of gifs and fics because I can ignore the canon universe. Or any of the Ao3 fic exchange events because I love to read all the drabbles that people come up with. Or the Klaroline Gives Back charity events which are just amazing in the ways we come together as a fandom to raise money!

What about all of you? What is your favourite Klaroline Fandom Run event? Let us know is the comment section below.

Have a great December!