Fandom Opinion: Favourite Fanfiction Tropes

Hey Klaroliners! All week I have been binging on fanfiction which gave me the idea of asking you all what your favourite fanfiction tropes were! I for one wanted to know because the Klaroline Winter Wonderland is coming up soon and I always need new ideas when writing my drabble requests! Here are some of your responses for favourite Klaroline fanfiction tropes:

First up we have lclrgsl who said she liked troops where Klaus is a winemaker and Caroline is a tourist. I haven’t read a fanfic where this has happened so I’m off to do a search and I hope I find some good ones!



Like Joey_Prue pre-canon Klaroline has a special place in my heart because the fics are always lovely but just so different from each other. Its like completely different people falling in love each time and I don’t have to pay for it!


Old world Klaroline fanfictions are a classic and a favourite for a reason. They have our favourite couple and satisfy that historical fiction side we all love so I definitely agree with OMFGTHEBIEBER on this one!

Both of the troops suggested by amedepoete are ones I enjoy reading. If I’m looking for new fics as soon as I read time travel or enemies to lovers in one of the tags, I am there, regardless of whether I need sleep or not 😛


It’s hard for me to choose my favourite troops but if I had to pick I would say Harry Potter AU, time travel and soulmates. Harry Potter AU’s probably wins the top spot as they are a weakness of mine which I request every time I am part of a fanfiction exchange on Ao3. Basically I have no shame and Klaus and Caroline in Hogwarts together is a dream of mine. I’ll probably still ask for a Harry Potter AU in this years Winter Wonderland Exchange which I definitely recommend all of you join to join in because it is always loads of fun!

Did I miss any of your favourite prompts? Do you have any new fanfictions to recommend? Leave me some suggestion in the comments below!