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Fandom Opinion: Favourite Klaroline Episode

Hey Klaroliners! Happy New Year! As I’m on holidays I’ve been binging some old TVD episodes (Klaroline centric of course) and was trying to figure out what my favourite Klaroline episode would be. I eventually decided on 3×14 because thats what started everything for me but curiosity got the best of me. I wanted to know what was everyones favourite Klaroline episode was and here are your responses:

Amedepoete’s favourite episode was 4×18 because it showed the evolution of their relationship from enemies to friends. Something we all enjoyed watching!



Paula_Palacios’s favourite episode is 4×13 because the scene where Klaus saved Carolines life is one of her favourite episodes and the reason she started to watch TVD in the first place!


AussyAngel’s favourite episode is 4×18 and she said it’s all because of the angst.


1Laurahunter’s favourite episode is 3×11 because it was the first real interaction and we get to see a softer side to him and all of the explosive chemistry between the couple. I agree here too, I’m a sucker for early Klaroline distraction scenes πŸ˜›



Klaro_OLN’s favourite episode was 4×23 because of promise from Klaus that he will wait however long it takes. She points out in subsequent comments all the quote goodies and hope we got from that episode even though it was intended as a goodbye.


HMC241114’s favourite episode was 5×11 because after Caroline was ignoring Klaus she just gives up on it and they kiss and have sex. This episode is definitely up in the favourites for me and probably would have won if there hadn’t been the promise to leave each other alone.


Check out some of the other responses here!Β A lot of your favourite episodes were 4×18 although there was a lot of different episode options offered. Did I cover your favourite episode? Comment below!