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Fandom Opinion: How Do You Feel About Klaroline Post-Finales?

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So now that both The Vampire Diaries and The Originals have had their season finales we have all of the summer or winter depending on where you live to celebrate and live happily in fanon world full of Klaroline goodness(*cough* what does that say about the writers). The question I wanted to know was how is everyone feeling about Klaroline now that both of the shows are over, I mean we’ve been hit pretty hard over both of the seasons with the writers trying to shove a multitude of new pairings in our face to sway us away, these are your replies

Dont-wait says she still has hope for Klaroline but is disappointed in both shows. She continues by saying that she believes the show has their moments but they are far and few and when Klaroline reunites it better be EPIC.

Shippinginthedeep states that Klaroline will always be her OTP but she is starting to lose hope. Steroline scares her more than any ship Klaus might have on TO.

Beyondhostility is “SHIPPING KLAROLINE HARDER THAN EVER”, and is currently living in fanon because fanon is reality. She does admit that it hurts to see that TVD and TO plans don’t seem to include Klaroline is the future. She thinks its painful because as a Klaroline shipper we still hold out the hope for our babies to get together on one of the shows because they are both still on there and technically it could still happen. On the other hand she continues, we are also aware that no matter how passionate we are about wanting the two together it is ultimately up to the writers and “we all know what the Plague thinks”. She added this cute little gif that I have saved for future reference.



Zohorats feelings towards Klaroline are still going strong. I love her statement about Klaroline, “I honestly do not give a flying pickle about canon anymore. They can turn Klaus into a winged kitten for all I care. Long live fanon!”

Valevalen0’s submission was straight to the point as she states that she is “still loving Klaroline with all my heart.”
My-light-into-the-darkness states that the finales of both of the seasons does so much good for Klaroliners because for a few weeks we can get back to writing our fiction and enjoying the vision of Klaroline is peace. The says that from the moment we are present on Twitter or Tumblr we always learn what happens and it can become very destabilising and hurtful, especially Klaus, who “courts” three different women at the same time on TO. She used to be upset after an episode of TO when she would compare Klaus to how he was in TVD and he would just come off as OOC. So she has had to learn to distinguish the difference between the two characters and nothing will prevent her from writing about the one she loves and hating the other. The end of the season taught her about how Klaroline will continue to live in the ‘fanon’ world until the end of the two series because of the strength of the fandoms, so it isn’t that horrible that it doesn’t live in canon because Julie Plec would destroy it. She will continue to fight for a crossover but believes it is a good thing that Caroline did not go to TO because TO Klaus does not deserve her.
Mydear-westillhaveeverything feels relieved that the seasons have finally ending knowing that she doesn’t have to lose her mind every week. She believes that both TO and TVD were complete disasters and absolute disappointments and not just because there was no Klaroline. She states that the writing was terrible, the plot holes were flying all over the place and the characters were so obviously OOC. Everything was a train wreck and she hopes the writers get it together for both of the shows next seasons.
I, like all of you, are happy for the break in the series so I don’t have to be disappointed each week by having a new couple shoved in my face and the writers shoving Steroline as me which makes me so sad because they were my Bro-tp. I fully intend to rejoice in fanfiction, edits, and videos, conveniently things that can be found on the magazines website 😉


Written by Brittany. Find her on Tumblr and Twitter