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Fandom Opinion: Perfect Halloween AU

Hey Klaroliners! Halloween has come and was full of Klaroline goodness thanks to Klarolineweek Weekend and all that participated. If you haven’t already I would definitely recommend having a look at the tumblr page to see all the amazing graphics and fanfictions relating to tricks, treats, costumes and general halloween prompts. There are some great creations that I thoroughly enjoyed reading and looking at. As Halloween ended, I wanted to know what your perfect Halloween AU for Klaroline was and loved all of your responses, here are some of them:

Deadargent paints a pretty picture for her perfect AU halloween, can you imagine Klaus and Caroline wearing a matching costume, how cute!



I love imagining Aussyangels scenario as well! I’m sure Caroline can be very persuasive when she wants to get her own way.

KlaroRamblers perfect AU world is something I think we would all enjoy reading some fanfiction about 😉 but I do wonder what kind of outfit Caroline would make Klaus wear to embarrass him.

Amedepoete wrote about how Klaus and Caroline would throw a party dressing up as little red riding hood and the big bad wolf which is actually my favourite Klaroline Halloween AU so I loved this suggestion.

I love when anyone mentions Klaroline together in New Orleans so thank you for this OMFGTHEBIEBER.

Thank you for all of your responses, you can read some of the others here. I personally love any type of AU’s whether its humans trick or treating or werewolves, or even when they are in the canon universe but ignoring the current canon because lets be real there are a lot of things I would like to change.  What is your favourite Klaroline Halloween AU? Let me know in the comments below and I hope you had a Happy Halloween full of treats!