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Fanfic Overview: Chained To Me by allmylovesallmysecrets

Summary- AH/AU: Caroline Salvatore is a member of one of the most feared criminal families in the world. But when both parents die in a fatal car crash, the family’s powers begin to diminish. Their rivals, the Mikaelsons, kidnap Caroline to rage a war between the two families in order to regain their power. But as the war grows so do the affections between Caroline and her new found keeper.

Status- In Progress

Rating– M

Link- https://www.fanfiction.net/s/9857496/1/Chained-To-Me

All Caroline wanted was to be free. To not be cooped up with her criminal brothers and have her own life away from the drama that came from being a Salvatore. And then when Damon and Stefan both consent to give her that freedom she couldn’t be happier. Only, the enemy family might have some different ideas.


On her first day of finally having her own life Caroline is kidnapped by the notorious rival family of the Salvatores, the Mikaelsons. In their home where she is being held captive, in a way that they treat her as a regular guest, Klaus becomes the one ‘in charge’ of Caroline.


As time goes by she starts to feel closer with some of the other members of his family and she learns that they’re not all as bad as her brothers make them out to be. She learns of Katherine and her forbidden relationship with Elijah, Rebekah and the similarities that the two may or may not have when it comes to trying to escape the life of their brothers.


Meanwhile, the Salvatore brothers will stop at nothing to get their little sister back safely, even if it means showing up a few places uninvited and stirring up some trouble. But then something happens to the Mikaelson family fortune and the blame immediately falls onto the Salvatore girl living under the Mikaelson’s protection.


This story has its own version of the Romeo and Juliet tale, but not in the overused way that its most often seen. Caroline can certainly hold her own against even the worst of Mikaelson men and when Klaus sees that he can’t help but wonder if there could be something more about the Caroline Salvatore.


Chained To Me is a dynamic, compelling and on the edge of your seat type story that will have you begging for more and waiting anxiously for the next update. This fic is filled with twists and turns, betrayal, mystery, dark pasts and of course, that ever present sexual tension between the bad boy of the Mikaelson clan and the good girl of the Salvatore family. With its Romeo and Juliet feel mixed in with a little bit of mob drama, Chained To Me is most definitely a must read for any Klaroline crime fanfic lovers.

Written by Lia. Find her on Tumblr and Twitter