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Fanfic Overview: Friends, Then? by AddriannaDestiny


Summary – It has been a very long and lonely summer for Caroline as everyone has either left town or started a new relationship after graduation. Now that the summer is over and college is about to start, Caroline finds herself closer to the one person she should be avoiding completely. Disclaimer: Story takes place after the season 4 finale.

Status – In Progress

Rating – M

Link – http://www.fanfiction.net/s/9492115/1/Friends-then


Summer is finally over and Caroline is off to college. As she packs up her room for school, her mother makes a mention of Klaus. The feelings his name stirs inside of her are surely not what her mother would have expected. It was wrong, thinking about him, keeping his drawing, and especially what had happened during the summer. But she is Caroline Forbes, she is strong, so she pushes aside the nostalgia and the urge to pick up her phone and continues on with her plans.

Meanwhile, Bonnie is still dead, stuck on the Other Side with only Jeremy able to see her. She is determined to keep her death a secret to spare her friends the pain of knowing, but Jeremy is becoming increasingly unhappy with her denial. Elena may still be too caught up in her own little world with Damon to notice, but Caroline is growing restless and suspicious of his constant dodging whenever the topic of Bonnie comes up. Despite Jeremy trying to convince her otherwise, Bonnie remains resolute in her decision. Besides, she has other things to worry about. Like Kol.

How he manages to keep following her around the Other Side is a mystery to her, and an unpleasant one at that. Kol is full of snark and cryptic words. He seems to know more than he is letting on, especially about The Shadows, the dark smoke that appears every now and again, wrapping itself around Bonnie and choking the death out of her. What is Kol’s objective? Why does he shadow Bonnie across the Veil? And what does he know about what’s been going on in Mystic Falls all summer? Bonnie is determined to find out what he is hiding; she does have eternity, after all.

Tyler is still MIA with his newfound werewolf friends, much to Caroline’s consternation. So it’s really no surprise, she thinks, that the phone call she answers, which is not from her missing boyfriend, makes her smile, just like all the others had over the summer. Talking with Klaus like he is an old friend should make her feel guiltier than it does. But she pushes those feelings aside and enjoys one of the only things in her life at the moment that seems to be going well. When she talks to him she can ignore the strangeness of Elena’s blindness to anything that is not Damon, or Mayor Rudy’s apparent lack of caring about his daughter, or Bonnie’s continued lack of contact. Klaus makes her feel happy and normal, makes her smile, so indulging in his calls can’t be that wrong.

The story continues to follow Caroline and Klaus’ relationship as the supernatural events that seem to always find them slowly starts to change it into something more than just friends. Their relationship development is slow yet satisfying. It doesn’t feel rushed and is a pleasant change from stories where their relationship goes from 0 to 60 in a few chapters.

The plot revolves around not only Klaroline’s budding romance, but the mystery and drama that are a constant in the lives of those living in Mystic Falls and New Orleans. Bonnie and Kol play an important role in the unfolding of the latest supernatural mystery, as well as our favorite snarky 2000 year old immortal Silas.

Friends, then? will leave you waiting anxiously for the next update after every new chapter, if only to see where the Klaroline relationship will end up.

Written by Jess. Find her on Tumblr