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Fanfic Overview: Pretty Girl by Seph Meadows


Summary – Destiny can be cruel.

Status – Complete

Rating – T

Link – http://www.fanfiction.net/s/6907746/1/Pretty-Girl


Pretty Girl, takes us way back into season 2; before multiple doppelgangers confusion, before hybrid drama, before dead-but-not-so-dead Bonnie, before sire bonds, before memory losses and before miracle vampire babies. It is an AU story while still being canon compliant in certain conditions.

The story starts before Klaus’ entrance in 2×19, but plenty indications are made to him in a deliciously deceptive manner that makes us keep reading further. Caroline is turned into a vampire by Katherine, and for Klaus. But the reason for her turning is much, much different from canon. And that’s where this story hooks you in.

Caroline’s point of view takes you through this story, and the small, curt sections explain a detailed and intricate plot with ease. Klaus is the master of the plan, but eventually as the chapters unfold, it is easy to see that Klaus may have set a plan in motion but it is Caroline who controls it, who decides what path it takes, and along with it, what path the story is.

It is quintessentially a dark Caroline fic, and subsequently a dark Klaroline fic. It shows that gradual journey of Caroline from a hesitant baby-vampire to the darker, dangerous and sexier vampire that being the companion and wife of Klaus brings about in her.

The story takes you from modern day Mystic Falls to way in the past when Klaus had L’Oreal approved flowing locks and much “gayer” clothes, and in a way you never really expected.

The chemistry between Klaus and Caroline is palpable, and is what makes this story so interesting, is how their relationship is shown. It’s most definitely something very unique, even though the concept is, quite honestly, overdone, but it’s the execution and the unexpected set of events that make this story stand out. You will read many time-travel stories, but this one will stand out.

It’s the last chapter that really does it for you, and more so, the last section that makes it impossible to feel anything but admiration for this story. All you lovers of Dark!Caroline and a ruthless Klaus, then this is a short, sweet and well done three-shot for you.


Written by Tanya. Find her on Tumblr and Twitter