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Fanfic Overview: The Wide and Open Road by Biana Delacroix


Summary – The Wide and Open Road by Biana Delacroix. “My Dad used to say that a road trip is when you really got to know yourself and whoever you were with.” Deciding she needs to get out of Mystic Falls for the summer, Caroline asks Klaus to take her on a drive across the country. It’s a long way to go and a lot of time to spend together, and as the miles roll by Caroline starts to wonder if her and Klaus can stay ‘just friends.’

Status – Complete

Rating – M

Link – http://www.fanfiction.net/s/9434241/1/The-Wide-and-Open-Road

The Wide and Open Road takes place right after the last klaroline scene in episode 23 of season 4. Follows the storyline from the show: Jeremy is alive, Bonnie is dead, Tyler is gone, Matt is going on a Euro tour with Rebekah, Stefan is at the bottom of Mystic Falls with Silas in his place, and Damon and Elena have gone off into the sunset.

With everyone gone, Caroline has decided that maybe she should get out of their troublesome little town as well. And who better to join her on a cross country adventure than the Original Big Bad himself.

Can a decision to turn a short plane ride to NOLA into a scenic tour of some of the United States’ most popular attractions bring two friends to become more?

TW&OR is a slow burn to a firework (or should I say Bellagio fountain?) explosion. But with inevitable obstacles crowding the path to happiness, will the two be able to make it to their destination? Will a meddling Silas overturn everything Klaus and Caroline have worked for? And who is going to release poor Stefan from the depths of his watery confines?

A story of friendship, angst, romance, and creepy motel managers who may or may not have hidden cameras in your room.

From both POV’s of Klaus and Caroline as they travel from Mystic Falls to California, and everywhere in between; an unforgettable adventure to get to know each other, and maybe falling in love along the way.

Here is a simple yet complex story that you will enjoy reading from beginning to end.

Written by Erin. Find her on Tumblr