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Fanfiction Team's Fave Finale Fics

However you felt about the end of The Vampire Diaries- loved it, hated it, thought it was long overdue- I think we can all agree that the fandom has taken the finale and given us some wonderful things; mainly amazing fanfics. Here are some of our team’s favorite drabbles revolving around Klaroline and their now clearly endgame status.


Eternity by hummingbirds-and-champagne

Caroline shows up on Klaus’ doorstep in New Orleans years later to thank him personally for being her school’s biggest benefactor. What I like most about this drabble is its playful and effortless dialogue and the fact it is just so pleasantly understated. It’s exactly how I would like to see their reunion play out.

Mini Drabble by klaro-addict

Klaus and Caroline have reunited in Mystic Falls and are living at the magic school with their families. Naturally inquisitive Caroline has been snooping in their bedroom drawers and finds something she quite likes. This mini drabble is all-round witty, fluffy goodness and I would love to read more in this world.



Castle On A Hill by misssophiachase

Caroline has shown up to Klaus’ door to return his generous donation, but he is not there. This leads to a mini road trip with the Mikaelsons to a castle that Klaus himself built for a special reason. This drabble is wonderfully written, with some light-hearted banter with the Mikaelsons and Klaroline and an ending that made me go ‘awww.’ And bonus, it’s based off a great song.

Marry Me by misselizathornton

In this drabble Klaus is trying to find the right words for when he pops the question to Caroline, only for her to walk in on him! This is a cute and fluffy drabble, good for hitting you in the feels and putting a cheesy smile on your face. And it is an oldie but a goodie so you can avoid the magic baby mess of TVD/TO if that’s not your thing.



Roxanne by misssophiachase

In this drabble, Caroline goes to New Orleans to return the generous donation Klaus left her for the school. Of course she makes a scene in public and our favourite cannot help but be enamoured with her and ignore the public embarrassment. They speak outside and Caroline blames Klaus for thinking she’s some sort of prostitute and Mr Hybrid manages to shut down those notions and be his charming self. There’s the usual Klaroline sass, chemistry, and of course beignets.

A familiar face by honestgrins

Caroline is in charge of the new school and she and her daughters head to South Africa for an excursion with local scientists. Caroline meets a lovely couple and heads to a fundraiser with them and who else would be there? Klaus of course. She gets annoyed as usual, especially after his compulsion tricks, but he admits to having missed her. Cute and fluffy Klaroline drabble.  



Klaroline infinity 2 by Ashleighxx

This drabble doesn’t follow canon. It starts with Klaus waking up, feeling Caroline’s presence around him and understands that she came to save him. He was daggered with Papa Tunde’s blade for five years. That’s when Caroline starts explaining things to Klaus. The whole time he hallucinated that he had a daughter. He is surprised that she came all the way, helped Rebekah to save him. The end is really sweet with a bear-hug from Caroline’s side.

Klaroline infinity drabble by PurestHeartsLove

Established Klaroline. The author wrote this drabble for Klaroline Infinity week – Post Canon. A wedding is no silly thing. A person has to go through a lot for such commitment. And Caroline is the one to propose to Klaus. Of course he’s taken aback at first. After overcoming his feelings, he agrees and she takes out a pair of wedding rings. They keep it simple. Instead of exchanging vows, they will tease each other and it is fun to read.



A New Story by captndevil

This little drabble endeavors to fill in some of the gaps from that Klaroline scene in The Vampire Diaries finale. When Caroline receives Klaus’ generous donation to the school, she decides to give the Original Hybrid a call and thank him. She finds herself charmed by him even before he inquires if she’d like to thank him in person. This was adorable and a perfect companion piece to tie things up.

Til I Hold You Once More by rebelandhercaptain

This story finds Klaus and Caroline reuniting nearly a decade after Stefan’s death. Klaus has honored Caroline’s wish and has allowed her to live her life free of him; until one day he decides he must see her. After all this time will Caroline be happy to see him and will she be willing to forgive him for breaking the promise he made in the woods all those years ago? This was a beautiful story that really captures the beauty of their relationship.  



Ideal Endgame Scene by ashleigh-jewitt-xx

This is the most suitably named fic because it really is the ideal endgame scene. Klaus does go to New Orleans, but reality stops there. After being trapped by witches in a dreamscape, Klaus is woken up by Caroline and Rebekah who have teamed up to find the missing hybrid after he went MIA a few years before. The best part? Not only do we finally get to hear those cherished words of Caroline telling Klaus that she’s ready for him to be her last love, but Hayley, Nope, Muffin, and all other manner of superfluous NOLA drama? Doesn’t. Exist. It was all part of the dream. (*cough*nightmare*cough*) And that is more than enough to put it on my favorite list.

Meet her at the Love Parade by misssophiachase

Other than being one of my favorite klarofic writers, this author nails Klaus and Caroline everytime. That letter reignited my hope for endgame Caroline, especially that check. That baby vamp has never accepted his gifts easily, and if Klaus thinks he can buy her then he’s got another thing coming, and straight to NOLA. Which she does, and decked out in proper Mardi Gras regalia! I love that even though Caroline shows up on his door step, Klaus still has to chase her. I want her to give in but I also want him to work for it. And chase he does! #Klaus❤️sCaro4life


Let us know your favorite endgame drabbles in the comments!