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Five Months of The Klaroline Magazine

Today the Klaroline Magazine turns 5 months old and we have come a long way from 10 lowly members to a team that is over 50 people. The team is such a diverse group of ladies with ages ranging from 15 to in their 30s, coming from Africa to the Americas to Europe to Asia to Australia (still waiting for a member from Antartica) and we keep growing day by day.

But we could not have stayed motivated, worked as hard as we have, and grown so much without the help of the readers. Your messages on our social media sites, your comments on your articles, your encouragement, just your presence. Thank you for constantly cheering us on and helping us along.

Over the past two years, many people have underestimated Klaroline, they have seen it as just another ship which just happens to have a lot of fans, but I believe without a doubt that it is so much more than that. TV shows always have ships, even if sometimes they don’t intend to make it that way, but it takes an extra special ship to encourage a movement. Throughout my time in this fandom, I have seen people become inspired to create projects, learn how to use photoshop, spend hours improving their writing, encouraging others, being beacons of hope, this is more that just reblogging pictures or tweeting that a couple is cute, this is going above and beyond.

And in the end the magazine is for you. You, that refuses to give up even when producers tell you to; you, that still believes; you, that sees the beauty and the potential of this ship; you, that is always working on some aspect of the fandom.

And don’t forget there’s always a space for you, no matter what your talents are, where you come from, your grades, your age, this fandom is for everyone.

So sign the Klaroline Petition

Join the Klaroline Buttons Project

Apply for a position on the Klaroline Magazine Team

Submit your opinions, tell us about your favorite fics/graphics/blogs/videos here

And keep commenting and keep chatting to us, we always like the affirmation that comes from knowing that someone out there is reading what you write.

From the bottom of our hearts, we thank you. And let us know in the comments what you love about this fandom and which articles you enjoyed? Lets keep the smiles and bask in the happiness that this fandom is tenacious and we keep on thriving throughout the negativity.

Written by Caryn. Find her on Tumblr and Twitter