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Full List of Klaroline Awards Winners 2016

Congratulations to all the winners of the Klaroline Awards 2016, here’s to another year of fandom fun and excellence.


Best Romance Fiction: The Heart Gambles On a Kiss – anastasiadreams

Best Dark Fiction: Jar of Hearts – cupcakemolotov

Best Fluffy Fiction: Blonde Ambition – ssklarolinewrites

Best Angst Fiction: Beneath The Skin – Lynyrd Lionheart

Best Action/Adventure Fiction: Salvation – Lynyrd Lionheart

Best AU/AH Fiction: Growing Up Beside You – LaLainaJ

Best Comedic Fiction: The Neighborhood – nurseholliday

Best Debut Fiction: Within These Hallowed Halls – theoriginalcheeesecake

Best Underrated Fiction: The Student – xKlaroStylesx

Best Crime/Mystery/Thriller fiction: Songbird – Scarletborn

Most Promising New Fiction: In Their Blood – MrsAgentCooper

Best OT3 Fiction: Love and War – britanniaprojects

Best Foreign Language Fic: klaroline, seconde chance – raissanaomie

Best AU Fiction: Coven – LoveOblivious

Best Canon Fiction: Whisper to Me Help Me Remember – LaLainaJ

Best Completed Fiction: Dirty Little Secret – soapmaniac22

Best Smut Fiction: Dirty Little Secret – soapmaniac22

Best Original Story Concept: Colored You In – LaLainaJ



Best Romance Drabble/Oneshot: Bucket List by honestgrins

Best Dark Drabble/Oneshot: Temptation by itsnotacrimetoloveyou

Best Fluffy Drabble/Oneshot: Macchiato by clangwee

Best AU/AH Drabble/Oneshot: The Circus Of Dreams by Bianca Delacroix

Best Angst Drabble/Oneshot: A Thousand Years To Come by princess-of-the-worlds

Best Smut Drabble/Oneshot: What About Us by klarodrabblequest

Best Crack Drabble/Oneshot: All I Have To Do Is Dream by ravenclawslibrary

Best OT3 Oneshot/Oneshot: Untitled Klaus, Caroline and Enzo Greek Mythology drabble/oneshot by erica-dreams-in-color

Best Foreign Language Drabble/Oneshot: La Belle et la Bête by Mrs. Gold

Best Short Drabble: Untitled Caroline, Klaus and Bucky Drabble by erica-dreams-in-colour

Best New Drabble Series: 52 Weeks of Klaroline by MrsAgentCooper



Best Smut Author: Angelikah

Best AU/AH Author: Sophia Chase

Best Fluff Author: Soapmaniac22

Best Dark Author: Cupcakemolotov

Best Comedy Author: Uppity Bitch

Best Klaus Author: Cupcakemolotov

Best Caroline Author: Livingdeadblondequeen

Best Overall Author: Livingdeadblondequeen

Best Underrated Author: CelebrienTinuviel

Most Creative Author: Angelikah

Best Angst Author: these dreams go on



Best Graphic Maker: klarolinessecondbreakfast

Best Overall Gif-Set Maker: parallel-outlines

Best AU/AH Gif-set Maker: Joey-prue

Best Song/Quotes Gif-set Maker: di-laurentisqueen

Best Manip Maker: parallel-outlines

Best Fan Fiction Poster Maker: Romanoffsbite

Most Underrated Graphic Maker: candycolamorgan

Most Underrated Gif-set Maker: Erica-dreams-in-colour

Most Creative Graphic Maker: Goldcaught

Best Comedic Gifset Maker: howeverlongs

Most Unique Gifset Maker: howeverlongs

Best Canon Gifset Maker: Royalcaliber

Best AU Gifset Maker: Parallel-outlines

Most Underrated Fanfiction Posters Maker: eriberry89

Best Aesthetic Graphics Maker: goldcaught



Best Overall Video: Klaus & Caroline [Hello, love] 7×14 by xBenQCatx

Best Use of Effects: xBenQCatx

Best Manips: AussyAngelx

Best Video Maker: AussyAngelx

Most Underrated Video: Klaus&caroline | hello {7×14} by DesiredxWishes

Best Underrated Video Maker: Sam Sparks

Funniest Video: (TVD) Klaroline Fan Reactions to S07E14 by Jess K

Best Vine: Daniel Gillies 2013: “mark my words people will forget about the klaroline thing” by sēxual edits

Best Vine Editor: sexual edits



Best Overall Blog: Klarolinedrabbles

Best Klaus Blog: Hellsbellschime

Best Caroline Blog: Queenvampirebarbie

Best Drabble Blog: Klarodrabblequest

Most Resourceful Blog: Klarolinefanficdirectory

Most Underrated Blog: Gooddame

Best Klaus URL Blog: Klaussified

Best Caroline URL Blog: Queenvampirebarbie

Best Klaroline URL Blog: Hummingbirds-and-champagne

Funniest Blog: hellsbellschime

Nicest Blog: Gooddame

Most Optimistic Blog: Klarolinedrabbles

Best Meta Blog: Hellsbellschime

Best Fandom project: everythingisklaroline – Klaroline AU week

Best Graphics Blog: Howeverlongs

Jack of All Trades Awards: Queenvampirebarbie

Most Dedicated to the Fandom blog: Klarolinedrabbles

Best New Blog: Captnklaroline

Best Live Blogger: Jonsnowbitch



Best Overall Twitter profile: @klarolineepic

Funniest/Sassiest Tweeter: @Klarolinefucked

Nicest Tweeter: @JoinMeNik

Most Optimistic Twitter Account: @KlarolineLilacs

Most Underrated Twitter: @KlarolineLilacs

Most Dedicated Twitter Trender: @klarofied

Most Resourceful Twitter Account: @klarolinemag

Most Creative Twitter Account: @perhaps1dayy

Best Twitter Mutual Relationships: @klarodrabbles and @eriberry89

Most Dedicated to the Fandom Twitter Account: @Klaroheart