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GALLERY: Top 5 Countries in Europe Klaus Would Take Caroline To (Exclusive Pics)


Europe has a lot of destinations for Klaroline to travel to. Klaus told Caroline that there was a whole wide world waiting for her so where would he take her if he had the chance? (Something that is getting closer to possible now that Caroline is heading to New Orleans). Here’s the top 5 places that Klaus would take Caroline, or Caroline would force Klaus to take her across the UK and Europe:


Top 5 Countries in Europe


I firmly believe that the pair would go to England together, whether it is for Klaus to show Caroline the “Old World” or Caroline just wanting to go to hear the accents, it would definitely happen.

They would stay in London because of the ease of getting to all the main tourist attractions which Caroline would adore and Klaus would go just to see her happening, commenting on the way about what it used to look like and all the previous historical figures that he had met, influenced or compelled over time, while Caroline pretends that he didn’t just admit to seducing the Queen of England.


As George Ezra says in his lovely song Budapest is a little hidden treasure chest. It’s a beautiful city, wonderful culture and I feel as if Klaus would have stayed there at least a few times in his life and would have wanted to show her all of the “Great Beauty”.


Klaus promised Caroline Rome and without a doubt I believe this is somewhere they would visit, they would go to the Colosseum, visit the Trevi Fountain (and maybe throw in three coins since its supposed to mean you marry your true love) and just generally strolling through the beautiful city and eating the delicious food to their hearts content.


I’d love for Klaus to take Caroline to Switzerland and hire out a cute cabin like they do in so many of our fanfics. In my imagination they would go to Lucerne and visit all the tourist sites, do some shopping and then hit the slopes and go skiing.


Ah Paris the city of love and also somewhere Klaus said he would take Caroline. She would fall in love with the city, all of its culture, the sights, the shopping and the atmosphere. They’d visit the Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame, Disneyland, The Arc De Triumph, and the Lourve to see some of Klaus’s paintings that he may or may not have compelled to be there.


J’espère que tu as apprécié my friends and see you next time !

Where do you think Klaus would take Caroline to? Let us know in the comments below!

Note. 90% of the photos in this article  are taken by myself or my friend Mat, a few were taken from google in places where the photos I had were bad lighting, blurry or the weather was terrible.