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Graphic Makers Spotlight: cutiepieforbes


It’s a new year and to celebrate it we bring you one of our best workers as the Graphic Maker Spotlight of the Month, Giulia. She is a 20 year old girl who loves Caroline Forbes and Klaroline, but you already knew that, right? Let’s see what she has to say about her love for our favorite pairing.

She started shipping Klaroline around two years ago, in February of 2013. She had been watching The Vampire Diaries since it first started, but she was never too much into it, especially not into any of the ships in particular; she liked Stelena and Forwood a bit, but that was it, she was more focused on other shows. But then, those other shows began to really let her down, and literally everybody she knew from YouTube (she wasn’t exactly into fandoms back then yet) kept making videos of Klaus and Caroline and obviously shipped them a lot, so she re-watched all of their scenes together and fell for them like she was only seeing them for the first time. From then on, her love for them only intensified with time, and now she can’t imagine herself shipping any couple more than she ships Klaroline.





Klaroline in Season 4

She has always dabbled in making graphics a little bit, if you could even call them that really; she colored some pictures, basically, maybe used a few Photoshop tricks and that was it. Then she really started wanting to learn how to properly make gifs, but she gave up more than once because she thought she seemed to fail every time she tried. Eventually, a little bit over a month ago, she told herself that she just had to learn, that she had to find a nice tutorial and really understand how giffing worked and she finally managed to do it! As for the why I began making gifsets of Klaroline, well… because she loves them, and she loves being able to express just how much she loves them in as many ways as possible: fanfictions, videos, now even gifsets. Also, she loves to contribute to the fandom and keep the tag alive when she can. The inspiration comes from that same place, as well―she just has way too many Klaroline feels not to let them free in one way or another.

Right now she’s working on a few memes, so yes, she has some future plans for gifsets and graphics. She also kind of wants try making some AU gifsets if she can think of any and find the right scenes that she would need. And hopefully, one day, she will be giffing new Klaroline scenes. *winks*

She thinks there is hope for Klaroline, she really does. She doesn’t know if she is just way too locked up inside her happy Klaroline bubble, but she truly believes that no other ship could ever compare to the two of them together and she knows that eventually the writers will see the light and finally make things right. After all, Klaus promised Caroline that he would be her last love and, no matter what other people might say or think or want to believe, that’s endgame material right there. As long as even just one of the two shows will air, she knows that there’s still going to be hope; if there wouldn’t be any, she wouldn’t be here, in the Klaroline fandom and still fighting.


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