Graphic Makers Spotlight: geckowinchesters



As every month here we have Angela, September’s graphic maker spotlight. She is a sweet 24 year old girl, who loves to gif and be awesome.

She started shipping Klaroline in 3×11, the beginning of a beautiful but painful journey. Until then she was a forwood shipper, just like some other klaroliners. She liked them, but the moment Klaus started talking to Caroline about genuine beauty and looking at her the way he did, she was sold!


She wanted to express her feelings towards our two idiots in a way. At first she didn’t have any idea of what she was doing but slowly and with time, she started to understand some things and making them true. With that she could express and show better her feelings about Klaus and Caroline. She was left speechless by them, didn’t know how to express herself and we think she finally did that in a wonderful way, sharing amazing gifsets with our fandom.


King Niklaus and Queen Caroline in the 16th century.


She doesn’t think there is hope left in The Vampire Diaries for them. She doesn’t really know about The Originals. She has to see first how the new seasons will go on both shows and then she’ll have a better opinion about that matter. But aside that, she’ll always have a little hope inside her, like all of us, and if nothing happens in the end she will still enjoy our beautiful ship.


She is planning more AU gifsets, just because she loves making those! Aren’t you already excited? At least we are because we loved her graphic of Klaroline in the 16th century and the gifset of Klaus missing Rebekah and Caroline conforting him. She guesses her AU’s are a way of creating something she would like to see since the writers don’t do it. So, she asks:  “why not me?” Could you really blame her? We can’t because we fell in love with her work, and we can’t wait to fall in love again and again with new works ☺


Check out Angela’s work HERE


Written by Wind. Find her on Tumblr

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